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Stainless steel storage tin with, 9 unique spices.


You are going to love this amazing set of chillies from around the world. Ideal for experimental home chefs who wants to cook with unusual flavours or anyone who just likes it HOT! Add colour, flavour and visual appeal to your plate with this awesome range of international chillies.  Comes in a durable stainless steel storage tin with 7 removable smaller tins for convenience and a small metal spoon for accurate dispensing.


 This RED HOT International Chilli Collection gives you everything you need to create dozens of sizzling dishes. You can perfect your Chilli con Carne or simply add fiery magic to your meat, vegetables and fish dishes in an instant. And if you’re stuck for inspiration, don’t worry, the gorgeous free recipe guide will show you how. 


No additives, artificial flavouring or preservatives.



•   Indian Chilli Powder (20g)

•   Dried Whole Chillies (20g)

•   Spanish Paprika (20g)

•   Syrian Aleppo Pepper (20g)

•   Kashmiri Chilli Powder (20g) 

•   Turkish Urfa Biber (20g) 

•   Tunisian Harissa (20g) 


Blends are freshly made in small batches and then sealed for optimum freshness and flavour

Outer storage tin is 19cm stainless steel with a perspex lid to ensure freshness

Selected and mixed the old-fashioned way


Perfect as a gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, or Father’s/Mother’s Day.

Chilli Spice Tin

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