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Cravens Construction Mobile Home Movers Wide Load Haulers Blackwell Mobile Home Movers Moving our double wide mobile home, we got estimates that ranged from $5000-$8000. Then, there was the cost of : having the concrete work done for the home to sit on. We chose to do concrete runners and that cost came in at $3500. You can read that process on my post, site preparation for , our manufactured home. Wrecker Parts/Service When it comes to preparing your mobile home, you have two main options, preparing the home yourself or allowing a mobile home mover to do so at an additional cost. This includes securing furniture, removing your valuables, removing breakables, securing doors, windows and toilet seats, removing skirting and ensuring that nothing can fall over or break. The costs of manufactured homes are making home ownership more achievable. Allow us haul and deliver your newly purchased home from point A to point B.piano moving companyBaby Grand: One of the most common sizes of pianos we move on a given day, these stand near 5’7” long and can easily weight over 500 pounds. It’s pretty much guaranteed that the legs and pedals will need to be skillfully disassembled , before you can attempt to move one of these models any distance. We offer piano storage for our customers who need a piano moved and , stored during transition periods. No matter what your needs, we provide all the proper equipment for our piano moving services. When it’s time to deliver your piano, it will be delivered exactly the way you’ve used it at home or work. Your piano is likely one of your most valuable possessions, you want movers that you can trust to bring it to your new Bellevue home. You don’t want your piano to be damaged while it is being moved. Hiring professional Bellevue piano movers, like Access Gentle Moving, who know how to move it correctly and safely will save you the hassle and expense of repairing or replacing it.two men and a truck moving companyWe’ll ask you some basic questions about your move, and then we’ll create your checklist based on the answers you provide. Top rated Stone Mountain, Georgia International Movers for a perfect overseas move. Did you think that moving , a piano is straightforward? Do you simply pick it up and put it on the truck? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it seems. Pianos are very delicate and need to be handled with extreme care. If you have narrow hallways or stairs to navigate the task will be even more complicated. Moving the piano will require a large enough vehicle and many hands to make lifting easy. Two Men and a Truck offers a full-service moving container service, Value Flex, for small long-distance moves. This service is more affordable than a standard long-distance move, but available only in select markets. If you use this option, your belongings will be loaded into large containers or crates and transported to your destination.


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