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It started with a necklace....

I am regularly asked how and why I created LB With Love. I have two answers depending on who is asking!

The first, easiest one is to say that I didn’t want to go back to the Civil Service after having my first child. That is almost true!

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The real reason is that I had severe Post Natal Depression and, after much struggling with work and sick leave, I was encouraged to take voluntary redundancy. I was terrified. The depression got worse and I ended up in a psychiatric hospital for 3 months – fascinating experience but I wouldn't recommend it!


When I was in hospital, I learned to make a necklace and someone wanted to buy it – maybe they weren’t of sound mind but let’s gloss over that! So, I made more necklaces. I started to do market stalls and people wanted to buy the hearts and stars I used to decorate the stall. So, I started selling them, widening my range until I got to the position today with 723 products and a sales team of 15!

I totally get that life is unpredictable. From a degree in Theoretical Physics to a fast stream scientist in the Ministry of Defence, to a fast stream generalist in the Scottish Government, to becoming a Mum, to a psychiatric hospital, to creating LB With Love. It’s not been the most linear route!

I love my team of ladies that help sell all the goodies and the buzz in the lead up to Christmas is fantastic. I love my 3 weekends away each year for Trade Fairs where I order all the stock. And, I love being around for my family, going to Sports Days, Parent Consultations, School Fairs, endless chauffeuring and simply being together.

So, that's how LB With Love came to be!

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